July 21, 2008

When the Husband's Away

What did I do today while my husband is probably lying on the beach right now or hanging out with Ross King? I studied. Yes its true. I sat in my bed with my computer pouring over my books and doing questions while two dogs run around licking me and themselves. My heart rate increases when I look and Bella is with me and Cooper is not in the room because that means he is probably into something. Why just this minute Cooper ran into the bedroom with my brush blush in his mouth.

Last night, Bella and Cooper were hyper alert after we went to bed waiting for Joe. Now I have this fear of being attacked or the house being broken into. I locked all the doors and everything before I went to bed. Well the dogs barked at every noise thinking it was Joe which really started to scare me. It was rough for awhile but they finally started to calm down. When I opened the front door today I found that I left my keys in the door when I was bringing in the groceries after church!

Well I need to get back to studying and then I am going to make dinner. I am going to make Steak! I decided while Joe is away doesn't mean that I can't make foods that I want to eat! I am using this Recipe from the Pioneer Woman. I made this for Joe and this is the still the best food I have made him yet! Yum!

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