July 9, 2008


Let me introduce you to the second member of our family. We adopted another dog right before the wedding. We thought that Bella seemed lonely and we wanted her to have a friend.

So we looked online for days trying to find her the perfect friend. And we found this male Cocker Spaniel with curly ears who needed a home. So we drove far away and adopted this little guy and named him Cooper.

He came home and he acted like an old man. He could fall asleep sitting up. He was so easy to take pictures of because he could stay still.

Little did we know that he actually was sick when we got him.

After staying a week with his grandparents, Cooper came back a different dog.

Now Cooper is a wild and crazy dog. He gets in the trash, tries to drink out of the toilet and must be somehow on top of you at all times. One day we heard him in the kitchen trash and Joe yelled for him to come to the living room. He came racing around the corner with a big piece of plastic in his mouth trying to look as innocent as possible. One day he came running in my room with my eyeliner hanging out of his mouth like a cigarette. One day I caught him eating my loofah sponge from the shower.
And he must sleep with us at night. And not just sleep at the foot of the bed but he must be in the middle. Here is a typical Cooper at night....he has his head in between our pillows.

It's hard to take pictures of him because all of my pictures end up a blur from the craziness that is Cooper. But I try...

He may look sweet and innocent, but you wait until he is jumping all over you and getting into your trash!

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Lindsey said...

I love, love, love the cigarette/eyeliner story. I can literally picture it in my head, and I laugh everytime.
By the way... how far away is Anderson from where you live?
I am thinking of visiting you once the school year starts back up and I'm back in Anderson for the year.

The Pink Potpourri said...

cooper is SO cute!!! what a sweet and funny dog!

MereinSC said...

he is just adorable!!

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