July 22, 2008


I finally printed our honeymoon pictures and put them in an album. For our honeymoon, we went to Gatlinburg for 3 nights and then to Myrtle Beach for 3 nights. It was a compromise since I am more a mountain girl and Joe is a beach guy.

In Gatlinburg we rented a cabin in the mountains which was not fun to drive to. I was driving the last shift and the roads were so steep and curvy I freaked out and made Joe drive the rest of the way. We went to the aquarium, a sky lift up the mountain, some Ripley attractions, a mystery dinner theater,a wax museum, this Jesus musical which was very good, among others. We even went to this family comedy show and Joe made it on stage and sang a solo!

In myrtle beach, we spent time on the beach, went to this zoo where you could feed every animal, Medieval Times (my idea) and we went to this place where you could hold a baby tiger and a monkey. I need to scan that picture in but when in my life will I get to hold a baby tiger again? However my true life goal is to pet a penguin.

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The Pink Potpourri said...

i love all the pictures! looks like you guys had a fantastic honeymoon! i want to go on ours again...we went to the sandals resort in montego bay, jamaica. i'm ready to go back!

Lindsey said...

Miss. Alison, it looks like you forgot to apply enough sunscreen.

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