December 2, 2010


My life in Bullet Points
  • 12-hour shifts are hard! But I do like only working 3 days a week but sometimes it feels like more.
  • Thanksgiving we stayed in Virginia. We were blessed to spend the day with friends from church. And I tried deep fried turkey for the first time and I am a believer.
  • Our Christmas tree is up! I love decorating for Christmas!
  • Saturday we went out for tape and came home with a new TV for the bedroom...still trying to figure that one out.
  • Sunday, I went horseback riding. So fun! Although the horse started to trot and I freaked out a little. And man was I sore! Totally uses different muscles that I haven't used in awhile.


  • And last night I had my first night shift. It wasn't so bad.
  • Now let the Christmas parties start. And the Christmas shopping! What do you want for Christmas?
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