August 30, 2010

We are moving!

We can now really let the cat out of the bag. Joe and I are moving to Colonial Heights, VA!
Joe I felt the sense to follow God and to move away from Bethel and back into student ministry. He put his resume out and got a lot of responses from churches. We even interviewed at a large church in Oklahoma with a great pastoral team and wonderful facilities.

In this process Joe received an email from a pastor of a church in Virginia. We looked at the website and my immediate reaction was, "Joe, this is our church!" At this point I am not even sure how many candidates they were interested in. Joe did a questionnaire and a phone interview, and they invited us out there for a interview with the personnel committee. I think we felt very a peace with the church and we basically chose to continue with Viriginia.

We went back out for the church to meet us and vote us in. We met a bazillion people it felt like but everyone was very welcoming to us. Joe got voted in with a 99% vote so we are moving to Virigina!

Joe is going to leave in a week while I stay and work for a couple more weeks and he will return and then we will move. We found a great house to rent while our house is for sale here and we are so excited to get there and start serving. We look back at the last few months and can see God with his hand on us and leading us to where we are now.

Virigina, here we come!

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