July 16, 2008


I love to knit and crochet. My best friend taught me my Junior year of college when we lived together how to knit and I have tried to improve. I get on knitting spurts where I just want to knit and last night I decided that I wanted to knit a scarf. You may wonder why I am knitting a scarf in July but I must say that a scarf is the easiest and well the only thing I know how to make so far. Someone needs to teach me something else to make. My next goal is a blanket.

I starting cable knitting a scarf before but I got annoyed with it and kind of came up with my own pattern here. Do you like?

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Lindsey said...

At least you can do different patterns in your knitting. All I know is the standard knitting... knit.
I need to knit more... I think all my knitting is in my car, from not being taken out since traveling home for the summer.

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