July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July

We just came back from walking around with the dogs and Cooper wanted to visit everyone. Today was nice and relaxing. This afternoon Joe installed one of the curtain rods in the bathroom. I ordered the other curtain for the other window in the bedroom. Once those are up, I show up how much curtains really do for a room!
We had a quiet dinner at home. Then I convinced Joe that we finally needed to put together our coffee table. We received this for Christmas from Joe's Grandparents and it had been sitting in it's box since. I think Joe was scared of the work involved but a hour 1/2 later it was put together and we only messed up once!

Joe hard at work putting it together while Independence Day is on on the TV (my favorite!)

I need to get some more decorations for the coffee table but this is all I could come up with so far! Give me your suggestions!

I'm working on a project for the wall above the piano and hopefully I will be able to post those pictures later this week but I need to head to Goodwill first! :) Tomorrow we are off to Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville for lots of roller coasters and junk food!

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Lindsey said...

I can't tell what that thing is on the table.
I think you should cover it with your yarn and knitting needles...
Ok... just kidding. Umm... I am a fan of coffee table books. Just big (or little) books about different things. Or... candles... I, personally, like to keep things simple, so I think what you have on there is good.

Anonymous said...


I don't know if you and Joe like to read, but I do so this is my suggestion based on that.

I like to put books on my coffee table. Barnes and Nobel and Borders are great places to start b/c you can get inexpensive books that cover a wide variety of topics and places. Generally the books can also lead to good conversation pieces as well.

However, I am sure that you and Joe have plenty of books at home that would also be great books to place on the table as well.

These are just my thoughts. Hope you figure out soon what you would like to put there.

Allison Quinn

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