July 17, 2008

Girl's Night

Joe went to Evanville for the night and took Cooper with him so Bella and I are having a Girl's Night Out! So far we have fallen asleep when I got off work, we have been on a walk, and watched Project Runway so I say that we have been productive. Today at work I actually answered triage phone calls and gave suggestions to parents...I know! I learned a lot and probably had to ask a question for every phone call but it was fun.
On Sunday Joe is leaving me again to take the youth group to Florida while I am stuck in North Vernon by myself while I work. Another stressful event is happening next week but hopefully you will hear good news from me about it here after. Keep me in your prayers!

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Lindsey said...

You crack me up that you had a girl's night with your dog.
You are cute. And so is Bella.

Anonymous said...

Hey lady...I randomly came across your blog from facebook and have been keeping up with your life. Your wedding looked beautiful and your house is too cute. Hope everything is going well for you and joe! :)

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