July 2, 2008


My second day of work went well and I think it really seems like a fun place to work! My body just has not adjusted to waking up at 5:30! I was so tired when I came home today that straight after church I came home and went to bed. Now it's close to 11 and I will probably be awake for awhile! Our Vacation Bible School is next week so we went around to neighborhoods with packets with information and candy but walking around I think added to my tiredness.

As promised, the bedroom! One of the first projects we worked on after we got married was painting the bedroom. The room probably had not been painted in years. This was my first painting experience and lets just say that I was covered with paint! We painted a creamy color that's really darker than what's in the picture. We first applied primer and I surprised by how un-fun it was. But then when we put our color up, it was much more fun but the second coat and touch ups were a little more tedious. We even moved our mattress and had a slumber party in the living room that night! I have a couple of pictures on my computer and will probably post more later. On the wall you cannot see, I spray painted one of the mirrors we received black to match the decor. Joe even said we could paint his ancient dresser to fit the room! Since this picture, I have added a few decorative touches. We still need some panels for the windows (to hide our lovely window air conditioning) and I think some red flowers and we should be done.

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Linds8 said...

I love your bedding! I love anything in damask print. Did you try those pork chops?

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