July 5, 2008

Roller Coasters

After I posted last night, Joe and I took the bench on our front porch and moved it to the driveway to watch North Vernon's fireworks. I must say that I was impressed for the town this size and the display. Everytime we thought it was over more fireworks would shoot off. However we left the TV on and right when we came back inside the Louisville news was showing the fireworks there and then maybe I wasn't as impressed!

Today Joe and I drove to Louisville and went to Kentucky Kingdom. We have season passes that we have yet to use so we finally made our first trip. First we stopped at Southern Seminary because Joe needed something for VBS that starts on Monday and I bought a piano music book since I am music-less. So excited! It was a little rough for my husband because the park opened at 11 and we did not get in until 12:15. He said that he felt like half the day was gone! Maybe it was because someone would not get up this morning (that would be me) We rode the roller coasters and today was one of the first times I did not feel so good on them. I choose a calmer ride on the Ferris Wheel, I mean Giant Wheel as Joe likes to correct me.

Here is us on the Giant Wheel

We were only there a few hours but I don't think we felt obligated to ride everything one million times because we knew we could come back!

Then we ate at Cheddar's where I tried Chicken Tortilla Soup for the first time. Yum! I am hunting for the recipe for that. But now I must study for my nursing boards which I am taking July 24th...ahh!

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