July 20, 2008

Sad Bella

Yes Bella, I am sad too. Joe left me today for the week and this time he did not take Cooper with him. That means an entire week with no help to manage him. Tonight I left my the rest of my dinner on the coffee table while I went to the bathroom. When I came back, no more dinner for me. Let's just say Cooper had to be in his crate for time out for a little bit.

Mikah left this afternoon with Joe also. Last night Mikah came out the living room after her bath and Bella ran and barked at her and jumped on her which scared Mikah. So I had to put Bella in time out. I'm not sure who was more upset that Bella was locked up, Mikah or Bella. When we put them in time out we put a blanket over the crate because when we leave we have to crate them so they know they are in trouble when the blanket is over the crate. Mikah was peaking in on Bella so I called Mikah to come sit by me which upset Mikah and she said the cutest thing. As she is crying she said "I know how you feel Bella! It's just not fair!!" Sweet Mikah.

Bella and Cooper keep running to the door at every car thinking it's Joe...aww. I wonder when they will figure out that he is not coming home.

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