October 1, 2010

Looking for a New Job

I hate looking for jobs. So not fun (I even said that in a phone interview this week). I have found that I am pretty picky about the areas I want to work as a nurse.
Honestly, going through school I completed my most of my clinicals because I had to. But the only clinicals that I actually enjoyed were Peds and Labor and Delivery. The first time I got to help in a delivery brought tears to my eyes and I LOVED it. Those were the clinicals I didn't mind getting up in the morning. Other students in our class loved surgery or ICU. So not my thing.
So when we moved to Virginia, I first just started applying to L & D or peds jobs...didn't hear anything. I thought I guess I will have to expand my search and applied for some surgery positions...no luck. I finally broke down and applied for Med/Surg nights!
Then I decided I just wasn't going to work as a nurse anymore...this isn't fun. I went through this same thing after the job I was supposed to start right after we got married didn't work out because the hospital flooded. Then I found my job at Columbus Peds and really loved it. I loved my coworkers, the normal schedule, and seeing kids.
But today I set up an interview next week for Labor and Delivery. I am so excited! I told myself that after next week I would have a job and I really pray that God will provide! He has gotten us this far, He won't leave us yet!
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