September 30, 2010

Moving: Dog Edition

We moved here with our two Cockers, Annie and Cooper. They are adjusting really well to the move. We drove the 10 hours wee in the morning to get here. We put them in back of the SUV and then I saw a little place where we could all lay down so that's how we spent most of the trip.

We arrived on a Sunday and our belongings didn't come until Monday so the dogs had free run of the house. I think they were happy Joe was back with us that they didn't care where they were. This house has lots of room to run and Annie loves the backyard! The only problem is they can escape if they really wanted to so we have to stand there are watch them and there is only so many times you can watch her smell the same stick!

We talked them 2 1/2 miles to church this week so they could scope our the neighborhood more and the city. They loved it! So in case you were wondering, our kids are doing great!

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