October 25, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a little more relaxed. Friday night, the church hosted an outdoor movie in night, in October! It was after the football game so it was about 40 degrees! The funny part is the rest of the week the low is the upper 50's! Even though we had about 75 students and parents come. We watched Letters to God. That was my third time seeing it and I still cried.

Saturday we hung out and got the house cleaned up. I had a couple of boxes left to unpack and found a lot of things I was missing!

Sunday after church, our rental house was having an Open House. So we decided to take our dogs to a dog park in Richmond. It was only a 20 or so minute drive. Before our trip, I was kinda worried about how they would do. I pictured Annie running around like crazy jumping on dogs.

They surprised us. They did really well but were more interested in following us around then the dogs. They especially loved all the attention they got from other dog owners. They did have a chihuahua follow them around for about 20 minutes.

Last night, Joe shared his vision with youth and their schedule for the next year. The students were pretty excited about our mission trip to New Orleans next summer. We had a fun weekend!

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