October 7, 2010

Finding Work Space in the Kitchen

We are renting a house here in Virginia. When we moved in I realized, there are three little blocks of workable counter space. One of those blocks is taken over by the microwave. I also have a stand mixer and my glass jars for my flour and sugar. That leaves no room for food prep.

We also wanted something in the kitchen to have some seating. So with our wonderful target giftcards....
Here is our cute little pub table. My laptop is out to look at my recipe. I was making the chicken and rice casserole. I love that it doesn't take much space and then it also is an eating space. But now we having three kitchen tables! One is in the dining room and the table was last used is drop leaf table that is currently acting as a display table in the living room. Is there some type of sickness needing dining tables?
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