October 5, 2010

Finding Deals

I love to shop online. Many of times I will find something I like online and then go look at it the store if I can.
I like to shop for clothes, yarn, and even furniture. Sometimes it is scary to buy something really sight unseen but there are a lot of benefits. You can shop many stores quickly. And my favorite things, is quickly looking for discounts.
We decided since we have limited cabinet space we needed something for pantry overflow. I looked at stores, and online for days. I finally found this cabinet that will double as a buffet table in our dining room.   But what I really love I googled to find a discount code, after a couple of minutes I saved $25!
What I have learned that now, I looked for promotional codes for all my online shopping.  My favorite spot is retailmenot.com. Sometimes you won't find anything but most of the time you do. Where do you find deals?

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