August 13, 2008

Peanut Butter Dog Treats

I have been on a baking kick lately. When we were on our honeymoon, we went inside a dog treat store where they had dog treat mixes that you can make at home. So I looked online and found a recipe for dog treats and it was pretty easy!

You need:

1 ½ cups water
½ cup oil
2 eggs
3 tablespoons peanut butter
2 tsp. vanilla
2 cups flour
½ cup cornmeal
½ cup oats

Blend the water, oil, eggs, peanut butter, and vanilla together in one bowl. Comine and whisk the flour, cornmeal, and oats together. Add the dry ingredients into the wet ingredient to form a wet dough. The recipe wants you to form a ball of dough but mine was too wet so I just poured it into a brownie pan. Bake for 20 minutes in 400 degrees. After turn off the oven and leave it in there so they will harden up. Cut and serve!

Bella and Cooper love them and I think they know that this is a special treat! Cooper gets this when he has a good day. And by good day we mean no pooping, not a whole lot of tearing up things, and no escaping from the back yard. Let's be honest, those days are few and far between so sometimes I just have to make it fair and give him treats!

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