August 22, 2008

Date night was wonderful. I made Joe my spinach and artichoke dip, Portobello and Button Mushroom Creme with Walnuts, Chicken and Potato Bake and as he requested no bake cookies! We also took our doggies on a very long walk. We then rented a movie from the Redbox. I must say that I love the Redbox. They are usually at McDonalds and you rent movies for a $1 a night. But if you go to the Redbox Wesite you can sign up for text messages that you get once or twice a week with free rentals! As much as we love movies, this is great!

The church votes on Sunday for Joe to be Senior Pastor so we are waiting patiently for this day and for God's will to be shown. We covet everyone's prayers in this time. I am now trying to find resources on being a pastor's wife and what that means. I'll probably blog about it when I do!

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Lindsey said...

I am glad you enjoyed 'Date Night'.
I remember there was a book in the AU bookstore called 'A View From the Parsonage'.... which was written by a pastor's wife and it talked about her life and views on being a pastor's wife. I wanted to read it, but never got around to buying it since I haven't met any soon-to-be-pastors that I want to marry. But I recommend it to you now.

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