August 11, 2008

Birthday Weekend

My birthday weekend was really wonderful! We left for Chicago on Thursday and stayed outside of Chicago Thursday night at Joe's Aunt Nancy's house. Then early in the morning on my birthday Friday, Joe drove into Chicago and we parked our car near our hotel. This was near our hotel. Beautiful!

Well Joe was deteremined that we were going to a cubs game so we hop on the train to Wrigley Field. We did not have tickets but we did have our cubs gear on. After talking to a few scalpers the cheapest tickets were $150 each even after telling them it was my birthday! The cubs were playing the Cardinals so the game was prime. But the field was selling standing room only tickets for $15 each so we decided to stand. We were behind the first base line and standing in front of railing that became my seat. A man from a different country stood next to me who knew nothing about baseball. He asked me questions the entire game but I had fun giving him my vast amounts of baseball knowledge! ha! After 11 innings (of standing) the cubs won! And I got to sing the famous Go Cubs Go song!

We raced back to the hotel to change for dinner and Wicked. We ate a super cute restaurant by the Oriental Theater and made our way to the show which was wonderful! I was not sure if Joe would like it but even before we started Joe was planning on other shows we would see! His personal choice was the Little Mermaid! And we stayed at the Hyatt downtown which was really nice.

Then on Saturday we met back with Joe's aunts for lunch and their dog Gunny wanted to come with us!

Then we traveled to downtown Indianapolis for my cousin's Julie's wedding. It was at the library downtown and was so pretty. The biggest hit of the night was the kid's table at the reception!!

And this is the Flower Girl Addison my cousin's daughter. She is a very happy little girl filled with sweets!

My weekend was great and a great little break. I also have a funny story to tell that happened with our dogs while we were dog so come back soon!

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Sweet Simplicity said...

I saw Wicked in Chicago earlier this summer! It was AMAZING! Wasn't that theatre gorgeous???

Lindsey said...

I'm glad you had fun.

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