August 26, 2008

Cleaning List

I am not good at cleaning. I know this must be a shock to anyone who knows me well :) It was never something I enjoyed or something I ever kept up with. So fast forward a few years and now I am married and my husband is in the ministry and our house is somewhat messy. Every couple of days we get it put back to together and every few days it gets clean. But now we are having frequent visitors. It was one thing when some high school boys would come over to play video games, I was never too worried but now active church members are coming over so I knew something needed to be done!

I was convicted as I'm studying what a wife should be, that a messy home is not Godly. I am a list maker, so I made a list of all the things that need to be done daily, and the things that need to be done weekly and posted it on my fridge so I will see it everyday. I put a day on there when each thing can be done. My daily chores are dishes (yuck!) and tidying up the rooms in the house. Weekly chores are the common things like vacuuming, laundy, etc. Now to all of you pros out there this probably is elementary but I am determined to be a faithful and loving wife to my husband and stay on top of my cleaning!

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Lu said...

Good idea.

You should also wipe down the counters every day as well.
Good luck.

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