August 21, 2008

Date Night

Thursday night is date night. It is a Joe and Alison night that we started last week. We went to dinner and rented a movie and spent some good time together last week. Tonight I am going to make dinner and I think a good long walk is in order. Do you have any ideas for date nights?

I need to brag on Cooper. Since we started Cooper rehab, Cooper has gone 5 days without having an accident in the house! And on Tuesday I met Joe and our friend Dave who was in town for dinner after work. When we got home, Cooper was on the top of the chair looking in the window at us. I panicked because Joe forgot to put him in his crate before he left! But we came in the house and there was no mess and we were gone over an hour! He has had a walk or even two walks every day and he does not seem as hyper so I am one happy dog mom. He also got his hair cut on Tuesday and stayed for doggie day care. They said they took him to a dog playground and he had a grand time! (** I would post a cute picture of Coop, but Joe took my camera to church with him.)

I am off to the grocery store to prepare for date night!

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