August 3, 2008

A Fun Weekend

This weekend was fun! After work on Friday, I came home to a clean house that my loving husband cleaned and we had a movie night. Monday we bought a DVD wall shelf thing and tried to organize all of our DVD's. This holds over 300 DVD's and still does not hold all of our DVD's! Joe let me pick the movie but he had to agree. Surprisingly it took awhile for us to pick a movie that we both wanted to watch!
Then Saturday, we had a study group reunion in Anderson at our friends house. We laid at the pool and ate good food! These girls got me through nursing school!

And then Tricia (the other redhead) came back to my house and came to church with me and saw my life here. It was much needed.
And finally at church today, they announced that Joe was the candidate for the Senior Pastor position. This has been quite a process to get here. The pastor that Joe worked under left in April. Before we got married, many members came to Joe about him being Pastor and I'm not sure either of us were ready for that, especially me. During this time, Joe has essentially been the interim Pastor and filling the pulpit and has grown a love for Pastoring. After we got married I saw this love and we decided that if God wanted this, then his grace will have to be sufficient. So in three weeks the church will vote and we will see from there. It has been a process for both of us to get where we are now but we are both excited about new opportunities for growth and to see where God is going to take us!

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