August 18, 2008

Cooper Rehab

This is Cooper.

His looks are deceiving. Inside that little head is a puppy brain. Cooper was a stray and they say that he is two years old and when you are running around the streets who cares if you have a puppy brain. When I unsuspectingly visited this dog and decided to adopt him, I did not know that was the case.

See Cooper poops in the house....almost everyday. You may be thinking Alison let him out. I would think that too but once we let him out, Cooper comes inside, we all sit in the living room proud of ourselves while Cooper is in the little bedroom pooping.

He also likes to tear the house apart. Normally when we leave we have to crate Cooper which I hate to do. One afternoon, I thought Joe would be home in a couple of minutes and I needed to run to the store, so I let Cooper stay out. I came home thirty minutes later to find that Joe was not home but Cooper had torn up a Tupperware container, torn up a box of cards and empty the bathroom trash all over the floor.

Next I know you'll say, well do you walk him? This is something where we need to work on but we do walk him a lot just not everyday which I know that we should!

So I have started Cooper rehab. First when we go out I watch him in the yard and as soon as he *you know* outside, big praises and treats are coming his way. Second all bedroom doors must be closed at all times to not tempt the poor puppy brain. Next a walk and a good walk must happen everyday to get some energy out.

Do you have anymore suggestions? Cooper needs to get rid of his puppy brain!

We will let you know on his progress.

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Lindsey said...

After dog-sitting for a very well-behaved miniature poodle, who is over ten years old, I have this advice.
Keep him caged anytime you leave the house. Like I said, the dog I watched was sooo good, but he was required to be in the cage anytime anyone left the house.
I would also recommend that you keep all trash cans either out of reach or in cupboards if you can.
That's all I've got so far.

Cooper's Grandma said...

For extra exercise, I saw a show with a bubble machine that puts out bacon-scented & flavored bubbles. Anything to drain excess energy. If not, he may have to visit grandma where he knows where the poop belongs.

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