August 11, 2008

A Funny Dog Story

While we were at the wedding of my cousin on Saturday, Joe got a call from our neighbors who are our good friends from church. We visit them on almost all of our walks and Bella and Cooper think that their house is a stop on every walk. Cindy called and said "Are you missing two dogs? They are in our back yard!" See Cindy thought we were playing a joke on her by letting our dogs in their backyard and we were hiding.

When in fact, Bella and Cooper escaped from the back yard (after our dog sitter let them out--just so you know that we didn't leave them alone :) ), had I guess a good old time around the neighborhood and then saw that Tony and Cindy's garage door was open into the backyard and decided to go wrestle there. So their grandson Jack was looking out of the window saw Bella and Cooper playing around! So they had a fun night. I feel relieved that once they are loose that they want to go there!

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