October 1, 2008

The Chicago Cubs

I married a sports fanatic. I knew this way before we were married but now spending every day with him I realize that I was woefully unprepared to for watching sports. Some shows I watch, Joe may not want to watch but most TV shows are only on for a certain part of the year anyways. However, sports on year around! Before Baseball is even over, Football starts, and then Basketball and the cycle starts all over! And now tonight the Cubs have made the playoffs and today is day one! Cubs have been in Joe's blood for generations. I was also unprepared for the amount of baseball there is to watch. They play almost every day!

If you do not believe Joe's Cubs passion take a look at this cake at our wedding reception!

I really hope the Cubs win the world series this year because that will make one happy Joe!

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Kelly said...

I hear ya' sister! I had to put the kids to bed early so no one stepped between Ricky and the TV!

Lu said...

This makes me laugh because living with Katie Timm, who likes baseball and football, and I tell her she is preparing me for living with my husband.

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