October 21, 2008

Cooper and Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes around Cooper do not last long. We discovered his love for toothbrushes within the first couple of weeks of adopting Cooper. He gets some pleasure of eating the bristles and chewing up the handle. We learned quickly that you cannot leave toothbrushes where he can easily get to them. Cooper then has learned that when company comes over, that they have toothbrushes in their bags. When Joe's brother visited us, Cooper rifled through his bag and got his toothbrush not once, but twice!
When I came home from the retreat, my suitcase was on the floor and Joe said is there a toothbrush in there? I said, it is in a ziploc back and he can't get to it. Not an hour later did I find Cooper in the corner in utter happiness with my toothbrush!
I think we have counted 7 toothbrushes. Maybe he just wants his teeth brushed!

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