October 9, 2008

The Movies

I love going to the movies. My most favorite job I have ever had was working at a movie theater. I was around my utmost favorite food...popcorn! When I worked in the box office in the afternoons, I would sit and read or do my homework. Then on my breaks, I would go and pick a movie theater to take a break with popcorn, of course. I would get into any movie free and then I was also get two free passes with every paycheck. I would often sell my passes to friends for cheaper than the movie price. I loved it!

But lately, there have been no movies that I want to see! I think Joe and I have gone to the movies twice since we have been married. Where are all of the good movies? I think part of my problem is there is no movie theater in NV. We have to go to neighboring cities to the movies. So my new resolution, go to the movies more! So I just walked to the bedroom where Joe is and said, we're going to the movies tomorrow! I guess we will find something to watch!

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Lu said...

For my 2007 New Years resolution, I resolved to go to the movies every Friday, alone or with friends. I ended up seeing over 30 movies in the theater because of that resolution. It was awesome. And I'm still keeping at it. It was pretty much the only resolution I've stuck to.

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