October 22, 2008

Good News!

Yesterday at work, I found out that I will be working full time during Novemeber and December which is very exciting! And I don't go in until later on Thursday so I can sleep in a little then! God is good!

I am getting the dogs Halloween costumes together! Please be anticipation of those pictures! Everyone keeps asking me if I am dressing the kitten up! What is your pet going to be for halloween?

On a random note, I accidently locked the kitten in the bathroom. Sometimes if the door hits something, it will lock. I am waiting for Joe to get home and let my poor kitten out. But that is where all of his essentials are like food, his bed, and his litter box. And now the he can eat his kitten food without two dogs eating it first.

And right now Bella is on the bed chewing my old toothbrush. Oh heavens.

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