October 20, 2008

Our New Family

The kitten is officially in the family. His name is Levi. He has a black polka dot collar with a bell and everything. Him and the dogs are getting along really well. Cooper really likes that he has kitten food and little toys to chew up in seconds. Levi really enjoys getting into the big dog bowls and eating dog food. Joe acts like the kitten isn't staying but today he bought it a scratch pad!

This past weekend, I led worship for our women's retreat. We studied pursuing holiness and how that looks in our lives. It was a great weekend of connecting with women from the church. The women even signed book they had gotten for me. It made me cry!

Then on Saturday, Brandon (Joe's old roommate) got married on a farm. It was a sweet wedding. We even sat on hay bales during the ceremony.

The girl's Bible study I am doing is going really well. I think we are starting to see growth in the girls which is a blessing!

That was my weekend in a nutshell. :)

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