October 27, 2008

Being Domestic

Since I have been married, even before, the domestic things in life have intrigued me. While I was growing up, cooking and cleaning did not interest me at all.

But now that I am married and have my own house, I want to be a good cook and learn how to sew. On Saturday, I made Cooper's Halloween costume. I only did a quick stitch but I think it looks cute. You will have to wait for those picture.

I have also been knitting for a couple of years but wanted to learn more about stitches and patterns. While at Walmart, I bought a big bundle of Red Yarn and now I am working on a blanket I am crocheting for the bedroom. I probably have two inches of height so we'll see how that goes!

I am definitely in the nesting stage of my life! Did anyone else experience this?

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Sarah Mae said...

Oh yes! In my heart I so want to be a "suzy homemaker" but I am finding how difficult it can be in the day to day with two toddlers and a babe on the way! I wish I was a morning person, a natural clean and organzied gal, had more energy...etc. I have to remember that God knit me together and will use my struggles to build my character - but it is tough! I would say to you, YAY - enjoy this wonderful stage you are in, and when it gets tough and you fail (you will at times), just do the little things and don't give up. :)

Dustin and Kayla said...

i did! i wanted everything to be perfect and dustin to get fat from my cooking:) we r on our 3rd year and cooking is alright but i still want the house to be perfect!

Dustin and Kayla said...

oh just in case you have no idea who this is..:) i went to AU my freshman year and we are facebook friends...lol!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

YES!! I wasn't real domestic back in my college days but as soon as I got married, it's all I wanted to do! I definitely found a new love for it, and it's fantastic. I learned to sew last year and it is so much fun. I only make aprons, but it's still a lot of fun. :)

Woo hoo - glad to have a fellow young domestic lover out there.

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