September 12, 2008

This Makes Me Smile!

There are certain things that make me smile!

I came home to a clean house tonight when I got off work that Joe cleaned!
That little critter was there to greet me when I got home!
Date nights with my husband
Yarn for knitting and crocheting projects
Office supplies-It's weird I know!
Ice cream
What makes you smile?

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Lu said...

That picture makes me smile. Funny enough... office supplies also make me smile.
Laying in bed and watching marathons of tv shows on DVD.
My mice. (Even though they smell most of the time)
Pictures of my friends and family.
My 'Dream' painting over my bed.
Flower arrangements.
Searching magazines to make collages.

Melissa said...

My Finace
Knowing that Christ died for ME
Circus Peanuts
Pictures of Children
My Pets
Children playing

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