September 10, 2008

Bird Feeders

We have three bird feeders in our yard. When we left for our honeymoon, families from church came in and cleaned our house for three days and left us surprises. One of those were bird feeders. And we always have birds! These feeders are in the yard in front of my kitchen sink. As much as I hate doing dishes, I like to look out of the window and see our neighborhood birds! Does this make me an old lady?

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Lu said...

No... I don't think so.

I finally saw Kairsta today and told her that I missed our Sunday night 'prayer buddy' meetings at your apartment. Then I told her that her and I should visit you sometime this semester... so... what do you think?

Melissa said...

Nah, it is enjoyable. Just don't cover yourself in bird seed and push a shopping cart around :P

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