September 22, 2008

Packed Sundays

Sundays are so busy! We pack so much in them! Yesterday I got out of the shower to get ready before Sunday school to find Cooper chomping on a melted King Size Hershey chocolate bar! After an emergency call to the vet and carpet cleaning, I made it to church but missed Sunday school. After church the choir had a pitch in and started preparing for the Christmas cantata. After a Sunday afternoon nap it was time to go to choir practice and Sunday night services. The youth afterwards are going door to door in North Vernon asking for how they can pray for them. I had to go home and soothe my sinus headache. Why do we pack our Sundays? :)

A quick funny story. Joe came home with an Air Wick that sprays air freshner every 15 minutes or so. It is sitting on our TV stand in the living room. Every time it goes off, Bella and Cooper run over and bark! Every time! You would think that maybe they would get used to it!

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Lu said...

That Air Wick story is humerous. However, probably very annoying by now.
Guess who I spent practically my entire weekend with when I wasn't participating in RUSH acitivities?

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