September 15, 2008

Power Out

Who know how much I really love electricity, I mean LOVE! Our power went out yesterday right after church and it is still not back yet! They say it could be a couple of days...and I won't even tell you what happened last night but let's just say that candles unattended near a curtain is NOT GOOD!! I had Joe let me into church to check my email so hopefully I return someday soon to land of power and Internet and Jon and Kate Plus 8!!

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Lu said...

You crack me up. You think going a few days without power and missing Jon and Kate Plus 8 for that reason is torture. Try having power and cable, but messed up cable where you only get certain channels, most of them being religious, news, and sports channels, and no TLC, which means no Jon and Kate Plus 8! It's toture.
I try not to think about it.

The Pink Potpourri said...

your blog looks awesome! have you changed it? i know you changed the top picture. looks great! so do you have power back yet?

Sarah Mae said...

I hope you get your power back soon! I have power, but no cable, so I've actually never seen Jon plus Kate! I know, I'm totally out of touch!

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