September 2, 2008

Cooper: Bug Catcher

I know I give Cooper a hard time. But there are some really funny things about Cooper. In fact, Cooper is a bug catcher. Yes he is. If you say to Cooper, "Cooper, get that bug!" he leaps up and tries to find what you want him to get.

This is unsuspecting Cooper


Get that Bug!!

Are you sure there is a bug?

Time for a nap!

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Lu said...

I want to come and meet Cooper and Bella, and see you.
By the way, I'm back in school.
Miss you.

Sweet Simplicity said...

Nuts is a bug chaser too! It is so funny to watch him pounce around trying to catch it. I love the Cooper story you left on my blog! Too FUNNY! My parents dog always jumps in whatever car is about to leave their driveway. She is very nervous about being left behind. I love the new main pic on your blog header! What a cute family!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Cute, cute, cuute! Your dog is precious.

I, too, love the pic on your header. Adorable pic of you and the Mr.

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