September 9, 2008

Getting More Out of Sermons

I have been convicted about the application of sermons I hear on a weekly basis. It is so easy to get convicted from a sermon and then forget it the next day. I was reading through Thabiti Anyabwile's book What Is a Healthy Church Member? about what it means to really listen to preaching and apply it in our lives. My new resolution is to apply what I hear on Sundays. My wonderful husband is going to preach through 1 Corinthians in the morning services and Exodus through the evening services. My goal is to take notes during the service and throughout the week I will look at the notes and study them. I also can prepare for next week by looking ahead. Thabiti mentions that you can even ask your pastor what text he will be using next week. I am sure Joe would be thrilled if someone did that! I wholly suggest getting his book if you want to know more.

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