September 1, 2008


We returned tonight from our weekend trip to Georgia to see the Beck family! It was a fun relaxing weekend just spending time with them! They serve at New Holland Baptist Church. We also visited Joe's old youth minister Rob who serves as Music Minister at Blackshear Baptist Church which is only a few minutes away. Bella went on the trip with us too so she could visit the Becks. We couldn't trust Cooper in their beautiful home so he stayed behind and had a boys weekend.

We attended both churches on Sunday morning. We had already left for Blackshear when the Becks were leaving for morning services. Bella went outside with them and they felt so bad leaving her that they took her along to church with them! They put her in Jon's office and let her listen to sermons on the radio. I think we are refreshed to start our new ministry here at Bethel!

This is Bella on the way down. She slept in the backseat of the Bug.

This is Bella and the Beck dog Lucy.

Us with the Beck family at church after Joe preached Sunday night.

What did you do for Labor Day?

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The Pink Potpourri said...

looks like you had a great weekend! welcome back and great pictures. we spent our weekend at home, building a deck :) i posted some pics on my blog!

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