January 25, 2012

How a Baby has Changed My Life

It's pretty self explanatory that a baby can and will completely change everything about your life. And of course I knew this before we had Amelia, that this little life is completely dependent on us to survive can be pretty daunting.
  • Laundry I hate laundry, truly. I guess the actual aspect of putting clothes in the washing machine/dryer isn't that horrible but it is definitely the putting away of clothes..which I am sure for most people. I was notorious for having my laundry hamper packed. But with a baby now, I am much more consistent on laundry now. Because breastfed babies have pretty impressive spills. So you can't just wash four things in the washing machine, so I will add my things/Joe's things with hers and I actually can stay on top of my laundry!
  • Errands You think to yourself I need butter, or milk for dinner tonight. Then you start this little debate in your head. Is it really worth it to take your baby out to do this? What time did she eat last? It's too cold. Her car seat doesn't fit in the cart. Drive-throughs are amazing but then you feel bad when you run by taco bell on the way home and you have a crying baby in the back seat who just wants to be home :(
  • Amelia likes to be held... a lot. So even just doing the laundry or going to the bathroom can be a challenge when she refused to be set down. The days she takes great naps it's like I don't even know what to do with myself. But there are days when she will only sleep if I am holding her. Honestly, this is what I probably struggle with the most. There are some days when I plan all this stuff I'm going to do and then baby girl isn't having any of it. Even on the days when I work, I come home and want to hold my baby but then I think of all things I need to do like wash her bottles, eat dinner, shower, etc. So it's a struggle but we are adjusting
  • Child care It's quite an adjustment to have to always checking our schedules to make sure that one of us is there. Joe is a great and hands on dad with Amelia. He has to take her and pick her up from the baby sitter and he has her on the evenings when I work. Also I have to be on call or go to meetings and all of those have to be covered. Amelia is becoming more a daddy's girl every day.
  • It also gives me a daily reminder of how good God is to bless us with Amelia Grace!

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    Jennifer said...

    Sitting here reading this as I nurse my own little one. Laundry is on my list of top 5 hardest things about being a parent along with the starvation that accommodated tandem nursing. Word of advice, if you haven't invested in a super super baby carrier do. it. now. It will help you find time to fold laundry, cook, and even solve the car away not fitting into the kart issue all while keeping sweet baby close to you. Look into a quality brand such as beco or ergo so it will support you back-expensive and worth every single penny. The crock pot is your stash of friend. The freezer is your friend. Always keep a stash of Lara or cliff bars on you at all times. Enjoy these precious moments, she is a sweet blessing.

    Jennifer said...

    Sorry about the typos you can thank my phone, ha.

    Belinda said...

    Have you put her in a the chair that vibrates or a wind up swing. I used those two items which allowed me to take a shower in peace and do things around the house.

    If you don't have one, you should invest in one because it will give you the freedom to do the littel things.

    Amanda Mentzel said...

    Let that girl cry! I know it's hard now, but it'll be a nightmare later. You'll thank yourself! It's a little first step of training her in a lifelong battle of contentment. :)

    Also, I skimmed your previous post..if you think she's fussy from gas, try grape water. I've not used it but I've known many who have. You can find it in a health food store. Happy motherhood!

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