January 9, 2012

Our Baby Girl is 2 Months!

My baby girl is 2 months old today and what a fast 2 months it has been. When the doctor placed me in my arms right after she was born, I knew I would love her forever and it is true.

We are starting to see more of her personality. When baby girl is hungry, you better watch out. She is definitely a mommy's girl. It is so sweet that I can calm her down when no one can. But we are starting daycare now so she needs to learn to love other people. She is starting to take naps in her swing and going longer stretches of being happily awake and not being held. She generally takes two long naps a day. Getting to sleep at night is starting to get rough again. We start doing our bedtime routine about 7:30 and she usually falls asleep but will wake up 30 minutes later upset. Then we spend the next couple of hours fighting sleep. She still sleeps in our room next to me. She sleeps through the night about every other night with her first stretch is the longest.

 We are starting to see a lot more smiles everyday, usually in the morning after nursing while getting her clothes changed. It's the most beautiful thing ever. We went to the doctor last week and she was 12 lbs 4 ounces (90%) and 23 1/2" (95%). I think she will get her Daddy's height. She got her first set of shots. She of course cried when she got them but was quickly asleep. I on the other hand cried which I was very surprised. I used to do give immunizations almost daily at the Peds office. Maybe Daddy needs to go next time.

She is starting to sit more in her Bumbo seat. She still likes the moby wrap, and I use it if she is especially fussy. She still is exclusively breast fed and has taken pumped milk a few times like a champ.

Mommy, being held and walking, Smiling, tummy time for 5 minutes but not much longer, going to Daddy, car rides, going on walks in her stroller, and mommy

*dislikes Waiting to be fed, not being held when she wants to, going to bed, waking up, and gas Today as this post is going up, I am starting back to work after 10 weeks off. This is going to be rough on all of us but I know I know it's what we have to do...sigh.

We love you Amelia Grace!

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