January 16, 2012

The Working Mother

I went back to work on Monday and entered the realm as a working mother. My entire maternity leave I was practically dreading having to leave my baby, like tearing up thinking about it. I had so many worries going back to work. Like I have said, Amelia likes to be held. Sometimes all day if I would let her. I had only left her for 5 hours at the most, just the Friday before with Joe.

Monday, I nursed Amelia before I left, and she quickly fell back asleep. I had a few minutes just holding her. That's when the tears started. Then I cried on the long way to work. I told myself as I was walking in that I was going to toughen up and stop crying. Ha! I got upstairs and pretty much teared up for a couple of hours. Thankfully my coworkers were awesome and let me cry on their shoulders. I rushed home quickly to be with my baby. She did great for Joe and I was so happy to be home with my baby! 14 hours is a long time!

I was off Tuesday with her and worked 12 hour shifts on Wednesday and Thursday. Now I have a whole new respect for the working mother, especially Wednesday night. Wednesday Amelia went to our baby sitter then went with Joe to youth group. I picked her up from church took her home after 8, had to wash her bottles for the next day, eat dinner, do some laundry, nurse Amelia, get ready for work the next day, get Amelia ready for the babysitter, get her to sleep...the list went on. I went to bed around 11 ish and Amelia woke up at 4 to eat. Since I normally get up at five I just stayed up. Thursday night, I was exhausted! Whew! This week I work three days in a row! Already a little stressed.

But this is where we are right now, my season of life. The blessing though is that I only work 3 days a week; that means four days with my baby. And Joe is off on Mondays so he can watch her if I work on Mondays.

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