February 14, 2012

Amelia is 3 Months!

Can you believe that baby girl is 3 whole months! I am a little shocked. She is no longer considered a newborn but an infant.

This month we have gotten into a groove with her going to the babysitter's house and me going back to work. She has become more of a daddy's girl because he has her for a couple of hours before and after the babysitter before I get home. It's cute now that they have really bonded. She definitely is the most attached to us but is starting to get comfortable with other people. I can tell when she is at her limit with being passed around to different people. It's hard because of course everyone loves her and wants to love on her but she usually is happiest with us. Sunday I got my first page from the nursery that she was upset. I came in and she quickly calmed down. Melts my heart (although I do want her to be comfortable with other people).

She typically sleeps goes to bed around 9 ish, sometimes later because I don't home from work until 8 and want to see her a little bit. She usually sleeps until 5 ish and will nurse and then go back to sleep until about 7:30. Either Joe will get her ready to go to her babysitter or she's with me. For me she usually takes at least an hour nap in the morning and then a nap in the afternoon. She eats about every 3 hours still. She is still exclusive breastfed which I am pretty proud of! She is mostly 3-6 month clothes. We go to the doctor next month but she is at least 13 pounds. My cute chunky monkey.

She likes now: getting her clothes taken off (I usually get a lot of smiles then when she is just in her diaper), her activity mat for a few minutes, being held, eating, sucking on her fingers, mommy and daddy.

She dislikes: being tired (this is when she is the most fussy which some people confuse that she is hungry), being passed from person to person a lot, and oh being tired.

Here is a look back at our baby growing up these three months.

We love this precious baby so much and couldn't image my life without her!

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