January 8, 2009

Levi: Then and Now

It has been almost three months since little Levi came into our lives. When we got him he was about a month old and a little over 1 pound. Now he is 5 pounds and a little older. He is a very vocal cat. We took him to get his kitten boosters and they said they could hear him down the hall screaming. I said before that he was all play and no cuddle but the last few weeks, he will lay on my stomach and watch me crochet. He is friendly and I made sure to socialize him with people so he won't be a scared cat. Soon his front claws are getting removed to fully make him an indoor cat. He has entered our family well. In fact in Joe's sermon Sunday night, he said that he loved Levi! He has grown up to be a little man.

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The Pink Potpourri said...

he's so cute! he's grown up fast!

Andy and Kelly said...

your kitty is SO cute!!! well, about the painting, I usually charge about $25/hr. for the work, plus the price of the canvas, and any additional paint I may need. So it just depends on the size of the painting mostly. What were you thinking about?!

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