January 29, 2009

Dog Crates

We use our dog crates to keep the dogs when we have left the house and for punishment when they are in trouble. I feel that how your crate or bed looks says a lot about you. Why my bed is currently unmade it is past noon!

This is Bella's Crate. It is nice and clean.
It is very much like Bella's personality. She listens most of the time and a good dog.
This is Cooper's Crate. Yes its filled with napkins, Kleenex, and looks like aluminum foil. When Cooper gets into something he either will chew it up right in front of you or run to crate and chew it up. Even as I was taking this picture, he was trying to get some out to shred.

This is like Cooper's Personality, always getting caught with someone, spends much more time in his crate than Bella, and doesn't listen very well.

Joe and I have discussions often if Cooper really knows how to behave or if he just chooses not to!

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