January 18, 2009

New Header

Do you like my new header?

This is probably the only productive thing I have done today.

I have been sick (again) with another cold. I even bought that Zicam stuff when it first started and I don't think it worked!! This weekend has consisted of me laying in bed, on the couch, and now I am currently have mustered enough energy to make it to the computer chair.

I need to work on my Bible Study for tomorrow night (we are studying Ephesians) but I got distracted by blog designs.

And I know our House Tour hasn't gotten off to a very good start. The main light in the kitchen needs a new bulb and with the laying on the bed and laying on the couch...it didn't get done.

....I'll do better next time.

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Sarah Mae said...

Hello! :)

I finally added you to the 5:16 club list - sorry it took me so long!

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