January 28, 2009

Outside with 12 inches of snow

This is my picture of day. Bella and Cooper really like the snow and running though all the snow. At first Cooper was unsure about this but he has definitely developed a new love! Levi always wants to go outside. He hasn't realized that he is an indoor cat. I decided that he doesn't know how lucky he is. So I took him outside let him smell around a little, and then dropped in a pile of snow. Once inside, I think he appreciated being warm and dry.

I was unable to go to work today so its been a nice snow day. I have been working on my Bible Study for Monday night. We have started studying Ephesians. I really enjoy my time studying the book and delving deeper God's word.

And I think I am going to start my Lost DVD. I have watched Lost off and on. I decided last week that we need to have a Lost marathon so I am starting with season 1.

On a side note, Fireproof came out yesterday on DVD and you definitely need to see this movie!

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