January 24, 2009

Olive Garden and Getting Fit

This morning while we were laying in bed before getting up an Olive Garden commercial was on TV, and I said that I could definitely go for that. Joe (not being a huge fan of OG) said we can drive there and go. Now the closest Olive Garden is at least 45 minutes away. I knew the things on my list today but we went. It was so yummy! I love that salad!

But (after lots of salad and lasagna) we decided that we need to get in shape. So we are going to find the right gym for the both of us and get in shape. I think we decided that we need 6 packs!! So while Joe was out at the Men's Banquet for church, I did aerobics...and its definitely true....I am out of shape!

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Lu said...

I had Olive Garden today too!
I had the Four Cheese Mezzaluna. I've wanted to try it since the commercials... and I ate it all. And was so stuffed afterwards. But it was soooooo good. Plus, I had salad and breadsticks. I amazed myself.
It is also time for me to start working out again.

Fred LeBaron said...

Hey there! I came across your blog just by clicking on the "Next Blog" thing, so you are my neighbor a few blogs away (that probably changes from day to day, I realize). Anyhoo, I went to OG with my extended family this past weekend, and your post caught my eye. It is a fun place, for once in awhile. But what I really wanted to say relates to your fitness comment. I know this is going to sound like a commercial and all, but you should check out a company called Beachbody. I got sucked into it by an infomercial for P90X that my son was watching. Long story short, I ordered it, and ending up getting some of their other dvd's too (P90X is pretty hard to start with). Over the last year I've lost about 50 lbs., honest, and you just do it at home, with no special equipment or anything. It's pretty fun, too. If you want to check it out, just google beachbody, they have a big web site and all. Anyway, like your blog, God bless you and your husband, you sound like really nice people. I'm reading a book you might find interesting, too, it's called "Jesus came to save Christians," by Rob Bell. Ok, enough random chatter, you take care, bye-bye.

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