February 3, 2009

God is GOOD!

Lately at work, we haven't been as busy as we have previously been. I could tell our office manager seemed stressed to have so many nurses on staff when we weren't as busy. I knew that I, being the newest would be the first to go if she needed to let someone go. But today, a nurse, who was hired right before me, decided to become a traveling nurse. This allowed me to pick up an extra three hours a week, and not be so stressed of our situation. God is Good and faithful to His people! We are studying A Woman After God's Own Heart on Sunday nights. In chapter two, she said "If God didn't provide it, I didn't need it!" This is something I am really trying to take hold of.

On a side note, my poor Betsy, the Beetle (my car), hasn't been doing so good. We thought she needed a new battery (which we got) and she still isn't happy. We hope we can get her figured out soon!

And look out for some new things on my blog!

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