February 8, 2009

Look Where Those Ears Have Been

Bella has long ears. I want her ears to be all the way to ground, like Lady on Lady and the Tramp.
They can sometimes hard to maintain, and Joe is really good at keeping them brushed. But the best part of her long ears is you can see what she has done throughout the day. When end of her ears are wet, she just had some water. Most times, we find strange things, like candy, kitty litter, and food bits she found in the trash. Her ears always give away what she has been into or what's shes done.

But as you pick something out of her ears, she looks at you with her big cocker eyes and you can't help but forget to get mad at her. I'm a Bella pushover

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Sandra said...

Passing through. Love your blog, thanks for sharing. :)

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