February 1, 2011

Small Groups

Sunday nights, we have started small groups for our students. I am blessed to a be a part of the High School Girls small group. Each group is studying Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God by Francis Chan. It is all about how this amazing God loves us and our response to that love. We have 30+ girls each night for hanging out, eating, and most of all good discussion and Bible study.

How awesome to hear girls talk about their stuggles and how they have been they have been praying for their friends. Even how they can talk to the classmates about the gospel

Can you say amazing?

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing. I love girls' small groups. Love community with and among girls. Let me know how it goes with Crazy Love. I love that book.

Amber said...

Uh-Mazing! What a sweet time it must be!

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