February 23, 2011


It is time to dedicate a post to the one and only.....


Daisy is our black lab. Yes, she really is a lab. Although she may be short and stocky, she is really a lab. Daisy entered our lives almost a year ago. She is definitely they most well behaved of our three dogs, which sometimes means she gets the least amount of attention. And she can't just jump in our faces like the other two do. 

The Fun Facts of Daisy

She loves to carry things around. For instance, if you come home, she grabs the nearest shoe and meets you at the door. I'm not sure what she thinks we need it for. This makes it really fun when you swear you left your shoes there and you are trying to leave for work and can't find your shoes. 

She also loves to carry her food bowl. She is really good at acting like she hasn't been fed. She just looks up you pitifully. But as you can, Daisy doesn't miss a meal.

She is really laid back. Cooper being the boy he is (although he forgot that he is fixed) likes to do...what boy dogs like to do. I'm not sure if Daisy has just accepted her fate but it doesn't bother her. She also just lets Annie steal toys away from her and still wags her tail.

Daisy is almost 9 so getting back upstairs is hard for her but she just plugs along and trucks up the stairs. 

She gets so excited when you pet her that she can't sit still enough for you to pet her. 

And after not seeing her for three months, she was so excited to see us.

We love our little big Daisy!

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Lu said...

Three posts within one week?!?! I feel like I hit the Alison jackpot! I'm glad to hear you are doing so well.

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